Professor Pettibone, eminent Victorian balloonist, has a problem. He can't get it up. His balloon that is. If he can't reach an altitude of 20,000 feet, and soon, both he and his mysterious travelling companion Hubert Booby will be burned to a cinder by an erupting volcano! But what is Mr. Booby concealing under his overcoat? Do all Ecuadorian peasants have BSc's? And what, in the name of all that's holy, is THE CURSE OF THE BLUE IBIS? All these questions, and several others, will be answered when you play "To Hell in a Hamper", a one-room game by J. J. Guest.

To Hell in a Hamper is a one-room parser interactive fiction game, or text adventure. There are no graphics! You play as Professor Pettibone, Victorian balloonist, typing commands to decide what he does next!

"Overall, this game fits into a growing category of works that combine light puzzles with strong pacing and good comic writing... Humour and pacing are a real challenge to get right in IF, and a good IF comedy has a special charm of its own." - Emily Short, IF Review

"The puzzles are light, the pacing is brilliant, and the humor is... humorous! Nominated and recipient of several Interactive Fiction awards, so you know it's good." - Jay is Games Weekend Download

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorJ. J. Guest
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure, Puzzle
TagsComedy, humor, Short, Text based, victoriana

Install instructions

To Hell in a Hamper can be played in a browser, or offline using a Glulx interpreter. Interpreters are available for all systems. Visit Brass Lantern for download links.


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